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Leading Center for Research & Education in Visual Science

Founded as a non-profit corporation in Texas (Registration File Number 803630055)

Visual Impairment

Blindness and visual impairment may limit the ability to perform daily activities and can affect the quality of life. Ocular rehabilitation allows people to fully profit from life to be active, and productive in today’s civilization. Most conditions causing blindness and visual impairment can be prevented or readily treated with identified and cost-effective modalities of treatment.

Academic Network


IVORC has been founded to consider a dedicated group of eye-care professionals with a strong vision to support the cutting-edge education and research in eye-care programs in either basic or clinical fields. With its unique focus on international collaboration, IVORC brings together experts from around the world in all areas of vision science to enhance ophthalmic education and research mainly by publishing scholarly papers.

This is accomplished through active international programs in which researchers work with academic networks. Furthermore, our focus has been to support studies from developing countries, especially multi-central or multinational studies, with attention to scientific quality. Quality control in research and publication has always been one of the pivots of our academic structure. 

Academic Publication

Optometry Journal

Founded in 2020, “Medical Hypothesis, Discovery & Innovation in Optometry” is an international, open-access, double-blinded peer-reviewed, quarterly journal that considers publications related to optometry. The aim is to present a scientific medium of communication for researchers in the field of optometry. The journal is of interest to a broad audience of visual scientists and publishes original articles, reviews, case reports, and commentaries after a rigorous peer-review process. The journal is affiliated to and published by the “IVORC”, a registered non-profit corporation in Austin, Texas, United States. We provide English editing for papers as a complimentary free-of-charge service.

Ophthalmology Journal

Founded in 2012, “Medical Hypothesis, Discovery & Innovation in Ophthalmology” is an international, open access, peer-reviewed (double-blind), quarterly journal that considers publications related to ophthalmology. The aim of which is to present a scientific medium of communication for researchers in the field of ophthalmology. The journal is of interest to a broad audience of visual scientists and emphasis mostly on the scientific rigor of the articles examined by publishing original and review papers, and case reports along with a comprehensive review. The journal was published from 2012 to 2015 by MEPTIC which later on officially transferred to IVORC. Manuscripts should be devoid of any ethical problem or malpractice. This journal is currently abstracted and indexed at Embase, Chemical Abstracts, ProQuest, and Scopus. The Journal follows the ethical guidelines of WAME, ICMJE, and COPE.


Founded as an international alliance working to promote education and research in visual sciences.

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